The 3 P's of Healing with Incense

Here we break down why burning botanical incense is a benefit to your health with our version of the 3 P's:

Pause: The ritualistic aspect of lighting incense forces us to slow down and take time out of our busy days. To be present, if only for a few moments, as we mindfully click a lighter or strike a match, apply the flame until the smoke begins to rise, and then breathe in the earthy aroma.

On the surface, it might not seem like much, but taking this pause (especially on days when it feels nearly impossible to stop what you're doing at all) is a reminder to your body that you are willing to make yourself a priority. Your stress does not rule you. You are willing (and able) to make a shift for the good of your well-being.

Plants: The majority of us understand, at least on some level, the incredible potential of plant properties to influence our well-being. Lavender is known for relaxation, eucalyptus helps clear our airways, and mint can aid digestion. Beyond that, the ancients believed that burning plants relesed the soul of the plant and allowed incense users to connect with the non-physical realm.

Although we can't possibly comprehend all the ways that the amazing properties of plants benefit our well-being (forest bathing, anyone?), using them in this way allows us to build trust with them and know that they are working to help bring our bodies back into balance and equilibrium.

Purpose: Potentially the most vital component to any ritualistic practice, especially in preparation of meditation, is establishing your intention or the purpose of the exercise. In our energetic universe, we receive what we believe. And if we are in a season of reaching for healing, whether physically or spiritually, we must be clear about our purpose. Burning incense prior to meditation gives us the time and the space to get centered, grounded and clear about our purpose before entering into the state of deep calm and restoration where true healing can occur.

While coupling incense with meditation is a powerful and highly recommended practice, using incense at any time to establish intention and purpose as you move through your day, is beneficial.